What’s up everyone! As I sit here with all 4 dogs out cold, it’s been a long day of playing, I sat here wondering to myself. What am I going to do when they all get up? Train them! That’s right! I like to stimulate their mind as much as possible and the best way to do that is to train them! Now, this got me thinking. How many people struggle with training there dogs and being a pack leader? I would say a lot. I don’t have exact numbers but I imagine the percentage of people who fail at training is rather high. Which is okay! As long as you build from your failure! Today though, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks to help your training along the way!

 Tips and Tricks

There are many tips and tricks out there but I am just going to cover the ones that have worked for me!

#1. Train when they are Hungry (If You Treat Train!)

This may seem like one that is obvious but truth of the matter is, puppies train better when they are hungry simply because they will do what they can to get that food! Simple. They will be more engaged with food. Not only that, they will catch on faster, in my experiences! Also don’t just train with treats, train with real food. I like to use chicken or turkey. They go crazy for that! Now, remember, if you train your puppy with food he can become dependent on it if you reward him every time he does the command. This leads up to our next tip

#2. Always Progress!

Now this is another no brainer right? Not necessarily! I learned this a couple years ago and still to this day I’m grateful for it! It was a product that my dad insisted on me buying, since I had 2 German Shepherds. Now this program is one you must follow but I agree with most of it! It’s called Don Sullivan’s Perfect Dog I’ll leave a link at the bottom of the page if you want to check it out.(It will be an affiliate link) So now that I’m done rambling.

Progression! So what I mean by this is simple, wherever you left off at is where you pick up at. Now in the product above treat training will no longer be accepted. In his product, he believes that treat training does no good.(I agree but yet disagree) But you can use treats, I’ve used them and I have had great success with my dogs! But always progress, meaning if the training stopped at your dog sitting start him off right there. BUT don’t give him the reward right away! Make him earn it! Make him wait longer or make him go into a down command and then reward him! That should give your puppy the proper foundation to continue his training and be the model dog!

#3. Train Often

Tips and tricks #3 is one I do everyday. Train your puppies often! I can’t stress this enough. Long sessions aren’t worth it and most of the time the puppy will become uninterested. Short training periods are easier as well. It can be easier on you with the busy lives that we, as adults, have. So with that said I like to break it down into 15 minute intervals, if the puppy can last long. Sometimes their attention span will not last that long, which is okay! Remember, these guys are like toddlers. If any of you have toddlers than you will know the struggle of getting their full attention! Also, breaking it down into 15 minute intervals will give you possibly an hour or hour and a half a day of training. I call that a success in itself.

Wrapping Up

I hope that using these 3 tips can help you with the training of your dog! All of these have helped me and the 5 dogs that I have in my pack! We implement these everyday in our lives and we feel as if these will help you! Now if you want to give Don Sullivan’s Perfect Dog training program the link is below.(Affiliate Link) Also I would like to say that this program has don wonders for me when I used it and it taught me a lot about the psychology of a dog. I hope you find it useful too!


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