I think that this article is an important one. The other day, there was a lady that asked me about when do I need to start socializing my dog. Socialization needs to happen ASAP! To me it’s one of, if not the most, important foundations to lay for your new puppy or dog. In my eyes, socializing at an early age can help a puppy grow into the beautiful, well mannered dog we know she can be! Today we will teach you why we socialize, how to socialize, when to socialize, and what to expect with socialization!

Why We Socialize!

Okay so have you ever gone down the street and seen a dog freak out when they see you or another animal? Have you gone to someones house and the dog jump up or bark or act scared around you? I don’t know about you, but that has happened to me quite often. Hell, if I were to tell you I didn’t own a dog that did that I would be lying! These problems won’t always just be magically fixed by socialization, but they can help. Starting a puppy off socializing her as soon as she gets home will have a major impact on training and possibly overall behavior. Before I go on, this will not guarantee your dog will be a model dog. YOU, the leader, still have to work with her every chance you get!

Now lets continue on why we socialize? Dogs are very social animals, they love people and other animals! Socialization is important to them simply because it will help them live a balanced life. I have never seen a socialized dog that had anxiety, fear, or was aggressive. Socialization will help you, the owner as well. You can rest at ease when people are visiting and your dog is behaving! Too many times I have seen owners dreading people to come over while the dog is out! I know the owners hate that they may have to put the dog up or put her outside. As owners we want our dogs to be well mannered, and live a joyful life. We don’t want our dog to be labeled as “anti social.”

How to Socialize

This is actually easy if you just got yourself a young puppy. Seriously. All you really have to do is 1.) Establish yourself as pack leader. That way she knows her role. 2.) Take her everywhere! Be constructive about it as well. Teach her how a pack interacts with children, environment, other dogs, adults. Teach her about society! Educate her what you expect from her. Do not be a push over! Have fun though, she will learn and it will make your experience of having a dog worth it! Socialization is a key factor to a happy and balanced life for your new puppy!

Now if you have an older dog, after 12 weeks of age, it gets more difficult to teach the dog to accept new things. Don’t worry this happens. Sometimes you can’t socialize the puppy because she was sick. Your dog’s health is more important than socialization. With that being said, after, the dog is health and approved by your vet I would start the socialization process! The best way to start this is by walking her! Easy enough right? Walk her everyday. That will help her get use to new environments and possibly other dogs! Also introduce them to new social activities! Don’t rush this though! Once a week wouldn’t hurt!

When to Socialize

ASAP! I touched up on this previously but I will reiterate it… SOCIALIZE EARLY! I usually get my new puppies at the age of 8 weeks old. As soon as they are brought into are home, boom socializing begins! Now, if your puppy is sickly, or you plan on socializing her near other puppies, take caution! You wouldn’t want your puppy getting sick!

I start the socialization process so early simply because puppies are easiest to train from 3-12 weeks of age. Since most puppies are kept until 8 weeks of age, that only gives you four weeks to teach your puppy basic pack rules and commands! Not a big window, especially if you’re a busy person! Exposing them to pack rules at an early age will only benefit you and her in the long run! That can start a happy, healthy, balanced relationship for you and your dog!

What to Expect from Socialization

Okay so there are some expectations from you guys I assume. Many questions as well. First though, let me clear some things up. Just because you socialize your dog does not mean that they will be the best dog in the world! No! Shocked right!? You must continue their training. Engage them! Make your dog work for you! They love to please and it is a great way to burn off energy, believe me, that’s a good thing. What you should expect from socialization, as long as the process was a positive one, is a dog that understands the pack. A dog that understands the pack, leader and follower, will be a happier dog. She will be balanced! Balance is the key to everything in life. It’s no different to a dog as it is to you or I. Socializing your dog can make for a happier dog. At Amare Canis, that’s all we want. We want you and your dog to be happy together!


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