What is up everybody!? Amare Canis is here to introduce you to a big part of our site and our philosophy, being a pack leader. Now first off lets talk about where we get the term pack life! Amare Canis pack life is what we stride for. See dogs, especially American dogs, have a tendency to be, well, humanized. Meaning we make these guys four legged humans which some people think is alright, hell, I even do this from time to time. What we need to understand is that dogs live a pack life. Leader and follower. That is it.


Pack Life Mentality

So you may have heard about the importance of being the pack leader by dog trainers or dog psychologists. One of the most popular figures being Cesar Milan. I want to reiterate how important it is to look at your family as a pack. One thing that many Americans forget, is that dogs are animals. Not only are they animals, they are pack animals. They live a pack life. In the pack there is only two roles, the follower and the leader. That’s it. Their is only one leader. So who is that leader going to be? You? Your dog? If you picked the first of the two then I can help you with that process.

Being a pack is all about mentality. You cannot think as yourself as weak or scared. You have to be strong willed, calm, and assertive. It’s a personal opinion, but I feel as if this is a good way to go about life as well. To be a strong individual we need to have all of the above. If these sound familiar that’s because it is. Cesar Milan preaches about these all the time! If you don’t want to listen to me about this that is fine, but if you would like to purchase the book feel free to buy it here (affiliate link). This book, Cesar’s Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Understanding & Correcting Common Dog Problems, has helped me look at my dogs as… well… dogs! Not to mention it has made me a more confident leader as well!


Be the Pack Leader

I hope you understand why being a pack leader is so important as a dog owner. If you are the pack leader, your life will be so much easier with your dog. How many times have you seen a dog and its owner constantly fight for the leadership role? Too often huh? That’s because we humans tend to give dogs human personalities. We think it’s cute whenever they don’t listen. I know some people who are too delusional to admit that they do not control the dog, the dog controls them. What kills me about this is that they think having this relationship with the dog is “acceptable.” Pfft, it’s not okay. Be the leader. Understand that being a leader to your dog, means that that dog will respect and respond more to you!

You may ask, “How do I become a pack leader?” Well, in the book that I mentioned above, Cesar Milan walks you through this. It isn’t rocket science after all. Dog’s will look to you either as weak or strong. Have a strong mentality and push him out of the leadership role. You will have to have high standards for your dog. Rules will be made and must never be broken. If they are broken, a correction HAS to be made. I’m sure you have watched Cesar Milan’s show, The Dog Whisperer. On the show he talks about when and how to make corrections. Learn from it. Amare Canis will be introducing our own videos on correction and training very soon.

Some things to consider when being a pack leader. Be calm and assertive, DO NOT project nervous energy! Leaders must be a rock! Never let them think you are nervous! Did you know that dog’s are very territorial? Surprise if you didn’t already know! Set boundaries for yourself and for the dog. Show them what they can and cannot do. Show them your space! This will also make training much easier. Last thing that I fell is important. Show him you are the leader. One thing Cesar alway’s mentions, is to give your dog balance. IN THIS ORDER give him exercise, discipline, and affection! Dog’s need structure. Give it to them.


Wrapping Up

As dog owners, it is our responsibility to give them a fulfilled and happy life. Not just a happy life, but a happy pack life! A balanced dog is a happy dog. Trust me guys, before I implemented this into my dog’s daily routine, I had hellions! They weren’t bad dogs, just unstructured dogs. If you know anything about dogs, then you know unstructured dogs are unhappy and can be a huge headache! At Amare Canis, we strive for our dogs to be the happiest they can be. Our pack is strong. I realize that is only because I took initiative to be the pack leader.