So, it finally happened! You finally brought your puppy home! We have been preparing for a couple of weeks now and you finally have him! You have the bedding ready, vet appointment scheduled and the house cleaned and ready to go for this puppy hurricane that just arrived! Okay… so… now what? Don’t worry! has got you covered. These are our dog rules!


Dog Rules

Awesome! Congratulations! You have just taken on a daunting task! Raising a puppy and giving him a balanced life! This is where it all begins! In those first few moments that you get this little guy home we need to establish some dog rules! Not for the puppy, but for you. The new pack leader!

Okay, now I say dog rules for you for 2 reasons. 1.) The puppy isn’t going to understand rules at this moment. I mean he is a puppy. 2.) This is to help you transition in to pack leader, and become the alpha. DO NOT BREAK THESE RULES! As cute as those puppies are, it is imperative that we stick to our gut. Break some of these rules and we can begin a vicious cycle of letting this pup do what he wants. Which can lead to problems when he is older.

Alpha Leader

So the first dog rule is simple, be the leader. Do not let this little guy/girl push you around. They will test you, some more than others depending on the breed. Fight it! Let them know that you are leader not them.  You say sit and they decide to not listen thats fine. No reward. Be adamant. Obedience starts day 1! I promise you, I let my first dog walk all over me. It took me until she was 2 years old and I had my second dog to fix her! YOU DON’T WANT THAT! Dogs live a very wild life. They are pack animals and look to a leader for guidance. Make sure you are that alpha!


This second dog rule will be simple if you follow the first rule. Train them every day. In all honesty I have found that the more you train a dog, the better the dog is. A dog’s mind loves to be stimulated. What better way to stimulate them by giving them a job, or training. When training a puppy all it takes is 15 minute sessions here or there. Usually 3 or 4 times a day and guess what? Your dog will see you as the alpha!

Pee Time!

This rule is the dog rule but could be the first rule really. So, crate and house training. ESSENTIAL! Really the most frustrating part of owning a puppy is the potty training. Find me somebody that likes to clean up pee and poop and I’ll call that person a liar. It’s frustrating! The key to fixing the problem? Patience. Puppies’ bladders are tiny! I mean TINY! Hence why they pee so much. So how do we train them. Being persistent. That’s how. You, owner/leader, have to be as consistent with training as they do with following.

THE Dog Rule

So this is my last dog rule. It’s possibly the most important rule. Break all the other rules except this one. This rule is simple. Are you ready for it? Okay. Here it goes. ENJOY THIS TIME! As a human being you just decided to take on an animal companion. This is your pet, your pack, your family. DO NOT take advantage of it. These days can be the best of your life. The thing about puppies and dogs that irritates me more than anything is that they don’t live as long as us. Their life is short. It should be filled with nothing but great memories! The dog that you adopt and take into your life will be giving you everything he has for his entire life. As a pack leader you should do the same for him.

Just remember to have fun with your new puppy! I promise you he will bring you many happy memories! Raising a dog is a daunting task but we will be here to make it easier.