Amare Canis: Our Why

Now, before we begin on this epic journey of reader and writer. I want to tell you how to actually say Amare Canis. Now that that is done. Let’s begin on why this site even exists. You can get a little bit of what we will offer at Amare Canis in the about page. This post, however is about our why. Now a lot of people that I know personally set a goal, whether this goal is to lose 10 pounds or save more money or to become more independent and start their own business, they always forget one thing. They forget why they are doing this. The why in any goal is what keeps you going. It has to be DEEP too. A reason that is so deep that it almost haunts you. This is our reason, our why.


First Off

This is one of the toughest articles I have ever had the opportunity to write. Writing about our goals and our reasons for our goals is personal but something I want you, the reader, to understand. I do not write these articles with little thought. I do not write these articles to seem like a know it all, believe me when I say I’m no expert. I do, however, write to inform you. Hoping that whenever you leave this site you learned something. Whether it’s our love and affection towards our dogs and yours or if you learned about the importance of the pack. We do not care, as long as you learned something or if you enjoyed the articles or training videos or just the videos of us with our dogs.

Our Why

So our why isn’t simple yet it is. You see, too many times in life do we take advantage of the little things. Unfortunately I see this everyday and I am just as guilty as anyone else. It took life hitting me hard, like most people, to appreciate everything. Now I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the time with my dogs. Seriously, some of the best moments in my life is being and playing with them. But I fall victim, as many people do, with taking advantage of the time we have with them.

On Thursday, March 9th, 2017 @ 5:50 P.M. I received an emergency call at work. I came home to one of my worst fears. One of my dogs, a German Shepherd name Karma, had gotten out and got hit by a truck. She died in my fiance’s arms. My world was turned upside down. I will not go into detail of the whole grieving process and what she meant to me. That will come at a later time for those of you interested. I will say however, that this girl was my best friend. I love all of my dogs, they are my pack and I their leader. Karma, however, was my best friend. This site, company, blog whatever you want to call it, is dedicated to her. She is my why. Why I want to share with you. Why I want to inform you. Why I wish to guide you. Why I feel that we need to slow down and never take advantage of the time these dogs are with us. Amare Canis will give you the best information that we can. We will give you our all. We are here for you, and for your dog.