It’s the big day! After weeks of planning and searching you finally found the puppy that will become part of your pack! With all this excitement buzzing around the house, did you ever stop to think if you prepared your home for the puppy. Where will the puppy sleep? Where will his food and water be? Who will lay down the ground rules? No worries! Believe it or not puppies can make you forget to do important stuff. Amare Canis is here to help! This is what we recommend when bringing that new puppy home!


Preparing to Bring the New Puppy Home!

Okay so one thing I always like to do before I bring home that new puppy is prepare the house. This sounds tedious, and it is, but we need to make sure that the house is puppy proof. What I mean by that is that the puppy will not get into anything that is of value to us. My first dog, Bella, was a nightmare of a puppy. That’s mostly because I wasn’t prepared! So here are three things I always recommend doing before bringing that new guy/girl home.

1.) Bedding. Now remember, this guy is still a pup. He will pee wherever he wants whenever he wants if you let him. That is why I would suggest buying a kennel. If you buy the kennel he will be able to sleep in it at night and it will limit the accidents. Remember dogs do not like to relieve themselves where they sleep. So if you give him a small space to sleep he will not relieve himself unless he absolutely has to! Which is good for us, the pack leaders.

2.) Call the vet! Yes seriously, whenever you know that you are getting the puppy for sure, call that vet! If your vet is anything like mine, you will need to call a couple weeks in advance of them getting their next round of shots. This is important! Vaccinations are essential for your young puppies developing immune system. I cannot stress it enough! GO TO THE VET!

3.) Clean the house. I say clean the house for various reasons. First, puppies are small and curious! They can get into every little crevice you can and cannot imagine. Your house may be clean but I promise you your puppy will find items that aren’t necessarily great for them. Also when I say “clean the house,” I mean pick up lose items. That means cords. Especially cords. As of right now we have a male Aussie puppy named Leonidas, and he has so far chewed through 5 phone chargers. We’ve had him for 2 weeks. I recommend putting wires up along with anything you don’t want to clean up. We also do this for the health of the puppy. Some of the items he finds could get stuck in his intestines and do some serious damage and we would never want that!

These are a few things that can help the transition of bringing your new puppy home smoother! Obviously there is more to do but these 3 tasks help before the puppy arrives!