That’s it! It’s time to get educated. This lesson is one that is near and dear to my heart. A lot of people, that I know personally, tend to just go out and buy or adopt a dog without doing any research. Right?! This kills me! The lack of education when someone is purchasing a dog is far greater than you realize. I feel that maybe this is the reason why a lot of dogs end up in shelters. Just the other day I was reading a Facebook post of how some owner got rid of a 6 month old German Shepherd puppy because he “bit” him. From my understanding it was just a play bite. There was no skin broke nor scratches. So today Amare Canis is going to help with your dog education!


Why we should have Dog Education

Education is very important not just for you, the owner, but for the dog as well. Knowing everything about the dog, such as grooming, exercise needs, and temperament are essential. This can help with giving you and the dog a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Not being educated could result in you giving up and more times than not that dog ending up in a shelter which kills me! Owning a dog is a responsibility, I hate to see him or her in a shelter just because you weren’t responsible enough as an owner. A dog is a forever not just whenever.


Research, Research, Research

So you’re going to get that German Shepherd that you’ve always wanted. Cool! So have you done any research on him? No? Thought so. I recommend not getting said German Shepherd, until you have done some research be it online research or reading books. Which, they have hundreds of! Why do research? If you are getting a dog just to put outside on a chain and never really do anything except be on that chain. Than DO NOT get a dog. DO NOT think of getting a dog! These creatures aren’t lawn ornaments. They are precious life! Not only that, owning a dog can be the experience of a life time, so why keep such  a magnificent creature on a chain? But, on the other hand, if you are getting a dog to actually give him or her a beautiful home and life than you need to educate yourself. Dogs are a handful, especially puppies, but they are the best! Literally the best! So before you buy that dog get that education!

Before we get any dog, any breed! We always do research if we haven’t ever owned the breed previously. Especially the breeds that are considered “dangerous” or “aggressive.” I am a firm believer that the upbringing of the dog is what makes the dog, not the breed. You may ask, “How do I go about researching dogs? Where do I start?” No worries. We got you covered! Here are a few ways to do your research!

  • Books
  • Forums
  • Call and ask breeders questions
  • Google!
  • Breeders
  • Veterinarians

Now I want to talk about the last two! So if you call and ask breeders about how the dogs are, and the temperament of the dogs. One or two things will occur. The first is that THEIR dogs are superior to all others! They have the best dogs in the world. The second is that they will try to sell their dogs to you. I mean I can’t blame them, they are running a business after all. Now with that said, you can get some valuable information from these breeders. After all, MOST breeders only care about he breed that they work with. So they know a lot about these guys!

Vets! I feel as if, at least with our vet, that you can get fantastic information! My vet has given me so much info that I have overlooked or just didn’t think of. This is value. The value of my vet is priceless! Her knowledge with these dogs is what makes me recommend her to everyone! I mean EVERYONE! She has given me info on health, breeding tips, exercise, sporting! She actually just recommended us putting our 6 month old Australian Shepherd into some agility classes. Not only this, Vets love animals. They can help you with picking out the right breed for you so that you can have a healthy lifestyle together, you and the dog!

Why is this so Important?

Let me tell you why! As dog owners we have a responsibility to take care of our dogs. This means making sure that they are kept in the best of health. Mentally and physically healthy. That means we work them, we care for them, we exercise them, we groom them, and we feed them. I’ve said it before and I do mean this still, man doesn’t deserve dogs! We should prove to them that we are good, education is the start. Not only educate yourself before you buy said breed, but after. Find out everything you can, although each dog’s personality is different, there are similarities throughout the breed.