Pit bulls are “bad breeds.” How many times have you heard that? How many times have you heard about the “dangerous” or “aggressive” breeds? “Dangerous” or “aggressive” breeds usually contain these types, Pit Bull, German Shepherd, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiler, Bull Mastiff the list goes on and on. What really irks me about all this is that I’ve been around all of these dogs most of my life. I have had few problems with them. Do you know why? If not I’ll tell you the secret. You ready? These dogs all had responsible owners! They all understood that if not trained right, or worked right, or raised right these dogs could be a nightmare! The problem is is that people think that thats just these “aggressive” or “dangerous” dogs. IT’S NOT! It is ALL dogs! Educate owners and don’t blame the breeds. I have preached this my entire adult life and I will continue to preach it until the day that I die!

Why Blaming the Breed is Ignorant

This is just my opinion. I know a lot of dog owners out there do not trust the breeds that I have listed. That’s okay. People can change. I use to not trust pitt bulls after one of my dogs got attacked for no reason. A close friend of mine has a dog kennel and he changed my mind about them completely. Most of these “dangerous” dogs are a product of their environment. In some cases they are bred to be in dog fights, abused, or just not taken care of the proper way with socialization, training and exercise, and affection!

So this is why blaming the breed is ignorant. There has been multiple case studies that have determined that the dog’s aggression doesn’t lie in the breed in its entirety. It’s aggression can almost always be blamed by the environment in which the dog was brought up. Uneducated owners are the real cause of this. We let uneducated owners take these poor dogs and then they destroy them, often putting them in dog fights or just plain abusing them. I never quite understood why you would get a dog just to fight them or have them as a lawn ornament. I consider my dogs family. They are my pack, I am their life, they are mine.

If you are a person that blames the breed I feel like you blame groups of people for events outside of their control. What I mean is, I feel as if you are one to stereotype others all around you. You hate more than you realize. I can’t stand that. Blaming a breed for bad ownership is about as dumb as blaming all Germans for Hitler. It’s dumb. I will say this and it may be controversial. There is no such thing as a bad dog, just ignorant and uncaring owners. Blame owners not the dog.

Blame Owners?

What I always find funny, is that my German Shepherds, considered a dangerous breed, are always more well behaved than that of smaller dogs. Actually I find it funny that the top 10 most aggressive temperaments are smaller breeds. According to Petolog.com, the #1 dog that bites or shows aggression is none other than the Dachshund. Recent studies even show it’s the most aggressive dog in the world. Hmm…

Before we continue, I don’t want you to think I’m just defending Pitt Bulls, GSDs, Rotties, or Dobermans. I love all of those dogs, they are so unique and just majestic to say the least. What I am saying however is that not all big “aggressive” dogs are actually aggressive. Not even close. I trust more GSDs than I do Jack Russels. Why? Because I know people. People aren’t willing to accept the fact that a small dog and big dog are the same. They are DOGS! People are more willing to let smaller dogs get away with aggression because they are small. Another case where you must blame the owner not the breed. Why else would a majority of small dogs be on the top 10 most dangerous dogs? Because as humans, we like to think of the smaller breeds as babies. With that comes the neglect of having structure in their life. With no structure, means that their is a free for all in the house and the dog runs the show not the owner. Are we to blame the dog for taking alpha position? NO! Educate owners who let it happen.

How do we prevent this? Easy! Educate owners! It’s easier said than done, everyone is an expert!

Educate Owners

Education, in life, is the most important thing we can achieve. I feel as if educating one’s self is the best way to grow and develop. Do you not find it odd that we have to take a class to learn to operate a vehicle yet anybody can go out and buy a dog with no experience? Animals that can be dangerous if the new owner is proactive. Is this not irresponsible. I’m not suggesting there be a long mandatory class on how to take are of your dog. Which, honestly, these classes would not go well since everyone is an “expert” and everyone has their own teaching method. I just wish they would offer classes for owners. Not obedience training but education classes about dogs and what dogs really are.  The Huffington Post has also stated this. Maybe classes would help us in the long run.

I want to say this. I honestly don’t think that owners intend on their dogs being aggressive. A lot of cases with “bad” dogs are that the owners just aren’t qualified to handle such a breed. I admit, I usually don’t recommend breeds to my friends if I think they won’t be proactive. Proactive as in willing to fix problems the right way, willing to learn about the breed and the dog itself. If you’re an owner who is reading this and you are willing to admit you need to fix the problem and you want to educate yourself about how to fix the problem, good for you! Hell, you may want educate owners yourself! I feel like education is the best thing for new owners who get dogs for the first time!