Amare Canis is a blog dedicated to our furry, four legged family members. We have a unwavering fascination for dogs! Our goal is to provide information about our canine friends and how to give them the best life possible. We want this blog to help you with anything and everything about your dog! Too many times in life we take advantage of having a canine friend until its too late. We forget sometimes that giving them a healthier, balanced life is the most important thing while owning a dog. Every day will not be a walk in the park. But, Amare Canis will be there to help along your amazing journey with mans best friend.

Some areas that we will cover in this blog include training, food, toys, health, and home adjustment. Amare Canis is a site for you and your dog. Trust is hard to have in this day and age, but our canine friends will always have our trust and I hope I can have your’s as we begin on our journey to a well balanced life with our dogs.

Our mission is simple. We want to inform you, the reader. Not only do we want to inform you we want you to remember how truly awesome it is to own a dog. Dog’s are more than pets to most of us and that is amazing! We hope that this site can help you become closer to your furry companion. We will strive to give you our best and inform you on how to give your dog a happy balanced life!


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