DISCLAIMER: I am no professional, this is what I teach my dogs and these are the commands I would teach first. This is what I DO. This is what I teach MY puppies FIRST! These are 3 commands I would teach my puppy first.


So this is why I am writing this article. Most people have no idea where to begin with training. I know when I got my first dog I was lost! With so much info out there, I had no idea what I was doing. I paid for that. My dog was under socialized and misbehaved badly. I was truly embarrassed. As an owner, I wanted my dog to feel at home with strangers and listen to commands. I should have started day 1 and taught her these 3 commands. I KNOW she would have been better off in the beginning! I also want to say I will not go through how to teach the command just more of the why.

Command #1: His Name

So this is the first command that I teach my puppies! It’s pretty self explanatory, but if you don’t understand why, let me explain. It’s IMPORTANT! How will you get your dog’s attention? This will help training in the long run. It can help make corrections and make life easier on you. Now this can be frustrating when you first start off. Puppies attention spans are small, they get distracted easily. The important thing, is to be patient! Teaching the name is essential and it’s important that we don’t associate his name with a negative effect.

Command #2: Sit

So I don’t feel as if this is as important of a command to teach. I mean a lot of pet owners love the sit command. I teach it to transition to a down command but a lot of people like the sit command. Now why you would teach this command. Like I said, I only teach it to transition to down. I will say it is still important! Sit teaches the dog about self control. Self control can lead to a lot of success in the long run. You can start to expand on the dogs training with the sit command. Like I said I transition to down from this command. Also this is a fun command for you and your companion!

Command #3: Down or Lay

I think this is the most important command that I will give you today. Now teaching your puppy these 3 commands should be smooth. They should flow into each other! One after the other. But, I think this command is essential! Teaching the down command, from my view, is submission. Now submission means that he sees you as alpha. Alpha means your dog will follow. Now not a lot of trainers sees this. Which is okay. Not all trainers are the same. Teaching your dog down will also insure that your dog is in one spot until you relieve him of this command. It will also insure that your dog is welcome in more places. A dog that can stay in a down position is a favorable dog!

Why these 3 Commands

I say teach these 3 commands because it is a good foundation for your new puppy! When doing anything in life, it is important to set the foundation. A solid foundation is the key to success! Once again this is what I teach my puppies first. I am not saying this is what you have to teach first! Although, teaching the name is rather important. Once again this helps build a solid foundation which will set you up for success in the future. Remember to always build off of these commands! You must always progress! I hope that you find this article useful and if you did, feel free to subscribe and like our Facebook page!